Silkstream Valley Parks

Jon Sheaff and Associates have been appointed by the London Borough of Barent to deliver the regeneration of Silkstream Park and Montrose Playing Fields in Burnt Oak. This £5 million project is the first public open space project to be developed in the Colindale  Regeneration Area. The project will develop many of the themes that the practice has been developing in the new Open Spaces Strategy for Barent, including health and education initiatives, bio-diversity, flood attentuation, play and new approaches to fubdoing and governance. The project is being developed in conjunctin with architects Tonkin Liu who will be explorin new uses for buildings on the site and the integration of the proposed ‘Youth Zone’ to be constructed in the park. Long term collaborators Counter Culture will be looking at how the future management of these key green/blue spaces cna bew embedded iwthin the into local community.

Jon Sheaff commented ‘this is a fantastic opportunity to put into practice some of thinking we’ve done in developing a new greenspace strategy for Barnet, capturing the many benefits offered by good quality parks and proposing sustainable approaches to future management’.