Open Spaces Strategy – Barking and Dagenham

Barking and Dagenham Council has commissioned JSA to develop a new Open Spaces Strategy for the Borough.

This new Strategy is being developed in response to a significant projected increase in the Borough’s population over the next twenty years and the provision of over 10,000 new homes over that period. The Borough recognises both the need for high quality green space to meet an anticipated increase in demand and a lack of investment in green infrastructure in the Borough in recent years. The Council is also facing significant constraints in respect of the resources available to it to deliver good quality greenspace services and needs to consider new approaches to funding and governance to deliver a sustainable uplift in service quality. JSA will reference emerging policy and practice on greenspace funding and management to inform this guidance.

The new Open Spaces Strategy will incorporate additional strategic thinking around parks events, play, food growing and sports provision. JSA have also been commissioned to develop new masterplans for nine of the Borough’s most important greenspace sites.

The emerging strategy will be based on an assessment of the quality of the Borough 25 parks using a set of quality criteria developed for its 2003 PPG17 assessment of parks and open spaces. A natural capital account for the Borough will be developed in parallel with this assessment based on field-surveyed data.

JSA will be supported in the development of the strategy by a highly experienced team of specialists including Peter Neal (strategy development and masterplanning), Huntley Cartwright (QS), Tim Gill (play) and Sarah Williams (food growing).

The development of a new Open Spaces Strategy will allow JSA to affect greenspace policy in one of the most rapidly changing areas of London and to address the significant needs of a diverse and rapidly expanding population.