Landscape Institute Annual Conference

July 2017

Jon Sheaff presents natural capital accounting paper at the Landscape Institute Annual Conference.

Jon Sheaff is to present a plenary paper on Natural Capital Accounting at July’s Landscape Institute Annual Conference in Manchester.

The Conference call closely follows the completion of the Corporate Natural Capital Account for the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham developed in partnership with environmental economists Eftec. This study, together with the GLA-sponsored CNCA for Barnet Council are the first natural capital accounts to be developed for London local authorities. The accounts assess the significant financial benefits that can accrue from investment in green infrastructure by referencing greenspace asset quality and a number of national data sets referencing health, leisure and environmental benefits of green infrastructure.

Jon Sheaff will be joined on the platform by greenspace specialist Peter Neal who will place the CNCA process in the context of future policy on greenspace funding and governance. The plenary presentation will be followed by a workshop and panel discussion on the potential impact of CNCA on future policy on green infrastructure.