Jon Sheaff – Brief Landscape Institute Policy Committee on natural capital accounting

February 19th

Following his presentation to the 2017 Landscape Institute Conference, JSA Director has briefed the Landscape Institute’s Policy Committee on natural capital accounting. The Policy Committee is developing a policy response to the emergence of NCA as a tool for assessing the value of green infrastructure.  Jon’s briefing follows the completion of JSA’s award-winning Corporate Natural Capital Account for the London Borough of Barnet and publication by the GLA, the HLF and the National Trust of a new Corporate Natural Capital Account for London.

Jon Sheaff commented: ‘Corporate Natural Capital Accounting is a new and emerging approach to attributing value to landscape and one which has already stimulated a lively debate about the extent to which natural assets can be considered in this way. For us and for our clients, it can provide a robust evidence base to support the proposition that investment in green infrastructure can deliver real, tangible and quantifiable benefits for people, for communities and for the environment. At a time when funding for green infrastructure is under significant pressure, we need all the evidence we can muster to justify on-going investment. But landscape as a natural asset has a value beyond financial considerations and the LI Policy Committee will determine where the balance lies between financial and non-transactional assessments of value’.