Corporate Natural Capital Account – London Borough of Barnet

Jon Sheaff and Associates have been commissioned by the London Borough of Barnet to develop a natural capital account for the Borough’s green infrastructure.

JSA developed a new Open Spaces Strategy for Barnet that was adopted by the Council in May 2016. The strategy referenced JSA’s survey of over 200 parks and green spaces and the collection of quality data in respect of over 6,000 individual park assets. This data has provided the statistical base for the new Natural Capital Account.

The CNCA for Barnet will provide the Borough with an accounting framework that will quantify the benefits accruing from green infrastructure. This will allow the Borough to target its resources more effectively to deliver these positive outcomes.

JSA are developing the project in partnership with environmental economists Eftec and open space strategy specialist Peter Neal.

The project is being jointly funded by the GLA and Barnet Council. The project will form part of the GLA’s best practice guidance to London Boroughs in respect of green infrastructure planning.