Brent Council – delivery of grounds maintenance

In common with many other local authorities, Brent Council has been considering the future functioning and funding of public open space. The Council recognised the need to reform its service delivery model and to identify significant savings to its grounds maintenance function. Jon Sheaff and Associates were commissioned to provide an overview of the grounds maintenance market in London, to develop options for future contractual arrangements and to model potential savings.

JSA researched provision and funding in five London local authorities (two inner London Boroughs and three outer London Boroughs) and gathered organisational and commercial data from a number of private sector operators.

Findings were modelled in the form of five different options,  each of which would deliver a management model and cost savings over time.

Brent Council used this data to commission a further procurement exercise, culminating in the award of a large-scale all inclusive environmental services contract delivering significant savings to the Council.