Our Vision

Jon Sheaff and Associates is a multi-displinary practice specialising in the design and management of public realm and public space.

We believe in working with others to deliver comprehensive solutions that are sustainable and bring about an improvement to people’s lives. We are committed to delivering outcomes of the highest quality because these will bring most satisfaction to the people who will make use of them and to the people who create them. In turn, our reputation as practitioners will be enhanced by striving for these objectives.

Our work is concerned with three sets of people. Our staff, our customers and end users of our end products. We will work honestly and fairly in our dealings with customers and clients because in our view, the satisfaction of both is key to successful outcomes. We encourage clients and users to challenge pre-conceptions and to cohere around shared interests.

We value our staff as our primary asset and take a direct interest in their wellbeing, prosperity and commit ourselves to making the experience of work part of this. We encourage our staff to explore and test their creativity because our core purpose is to challenge assumptions and what is given and improve the world around us.

Our work is informed by a committment to delivering real value to people’s lives. We define in the broadest sense to include experiential and social value.