Our clients include:

The Parks Trust Milton Keynes

London Borough of Hackney Council

London Borough of Barnet Council

The Royal Parks

Birmingham Borough Council

Brent Council

Avenue House Estate Trust

Places for People

Brook Green Association and the Friends of Brook Green

What our clients say:
Due to the sensitivity of the site the different aspirations of all of the partners and the funding constraints this was a complex and difficult task that needed to be handled with care and intelligence.
Jon Markovic Head of Projects and Programme Management, Hackney Council

Since the park reopened in April 2007 it has proved to be very successful, the design has worked well and the specification is robust.  This has been due to Jon’s hard work and dedication.
Stephen Cornford Managing Director, Potter’s Fields Park Trust

Jon’s passion for landscape and wealth of experience informs everything that he does. His attention to detail, thoughtful and intelligent approach have been of great value in getting these projects off the ground.
Jane Pelly de Jocalt Project Development Manager, Places for People